Student Council

The SLE Student Council was created in 2009 with emphasis on fostering leadership skills in young learners. 

My name is Meredith Love. I have been a fixture at SLE since 1990! I began my teaching career at HJISD in a 2nd grade classroom (1990-2008) and then moved to my current position as All-Level Special Ed and GT Teacher. 

I researched Elementary Student Council Organizations for a few years before jumping off the deep end and creating our group. 
We follow the National Association of Elementary Student Councils and the Texas Elementary Principals & Supervisors Association's missions regarding student council at the Elementary level and stay in constant contact with representatives from these organizations in order to effectively run our group. 

Our goal is to provide support and services to the students, faculty, staff and community that foster a better learning and working environment for our school. 

Feel free to email me anytime with suggestions or ideas that would help make this council greater than it already is!