Classroom ABC's

Our Classroom ABC's!

A-Attendance- much of our learning will take place together in class.  We do lots of hands-on activities and group work.  Please plan to attend school everyday, except in cases of illness and emergency.

B-Backpacks-Please make sure your child has his/her backpack everyday.  We discourage rolling backpacks in the younger grades.  

C- C.H.I.C.K Binder- Your child has the new responsibility of a CHICK binder! CHICK  stands for Collection of Hard work and Important Communication to Keep.  

D-Dismissal- We dismiss school at 3:00 for bus riders and car riders are dismissed after.  If your child needs to get home a different way, PLEASE let the office know by 2:00.  Please refer to the form you recieved during registration to help with car riding dismissal.  If you need an extra name tag for your car, please let me know.

E-Emergencies- Please make sure we always have the correct emergency information on file, especially in the nurses office.  This is SO important!!!

F-Field Trips- In March or April we take a field trip! 

G-Guided Reading- Your child will have Guided Reading homework each day Monday-Thursday.  

H-The Hartwick Herald- I will send home a newsletter each week letting you know what we will be learning. 

I- Important information- if you have any important papers that need to come to school, please send them in your child’s C.H.I.C.K, Binder, as I will be checking these daily! 

J- Jacket- You can send a light sweater or jacket in your child’s backpack, the temperature in our room can get a bit cool sometimes.

K-Kindness- I expect kindness and manners out of your children. 

L-Lunch- Our lunch time is from 11:00-11:30.  If you are eating lunch or need to bring your child a lunch, please check in at the front office and get a visitors pass.  You will not be allowed in through the cafeteria door! 

M-Money- When sending money to school. please put it in an envelope or bag and label it with your child's name and what it is for. I will make sure it get to the right place.  

N- Notes- Please check your child's binder each day for notes from the school and from me.  

O-Open House- Open House will be on _________________.   Please plan to attend this event to learn more about daily classroom activities, policies, and to see our classroom! Feel free to invite grandparents too! 

P-PTO (Parent Teacher Organization)- Our wonderful PTO is always looking for volunteers for various activities throughout the year.  Please fill out paperwork and return it as soon as possible. Grandparents are welcome to join too! 

Q- Questions- If you have any questions about things going on in the classroom, feel free to send me a note.  I value our communication. 

R- Recess- The children will go outside everyday weather permitting.

S-Snacks- At the beginning of each month, I will send home a snack calendar (I try to send 2 months home at a time).  The kids eat so early and by 2:00 they are starving so we have a small snack to give a brain boost for the rest of the day.  I don’t have a place to keep snacks that need to be refrigerated.  I always welcome extra snacks :)  

T- Tardies-  Students should be at school by 7:50.  If you should arrive after that, please walk your child into school and check them in at the front office.  PLEASE LIMIT CLASSROOM DISRUPTIONS!!!

U-Unity- I believe parents, administrators and teachers working together make one AWESOME team! I know we will make a great team this year to make sure all of your child’s needs are met.  

V- Visitors- In order to protect the children, it is important that ALL visitors use the main entrance and sign in to obtain a Visitor’s pass.

W-Website- Please check out for important information and upcoming events at our school and within our district.

X-X-tra- the extra time you spend with your child at home establishes good habits, routines, and provides the foundation for future success.  

Y-You- You are your child’s most important teacher!!! Your participation is crucial to his/her success!!!

Z-Zzzzz’s- make sure your child gets plenty of rest each night.  A bedtime routine will help your child be alert and ready for the day ahead.