Our classroom rules are as follows:

1.Follow directions and stay on task.

2.Respect others and their property.

3.Enter and leave room quietly.

4.Come to class prepared to learn.
(notebook, paper, pencil, etc.....)

5.Raise hand and wait to be called upon.

This list of rules are posted in my classroom at all times. Each nine weeks, every student starts with the phrase “Reward Friday” found in the Wednesday folder (twelve letters = 12 chances). At the end of each nine weeks, students will be eligible for the nine weeks’ reward if they have not lost all of the letters in “Reward Friday”. If the student breaks a rule, the teacher will document on the student’s agenda which rule was broken. Please review your child’s agenda sheet daily. A letter will be crossed out of “Reward Friday” for each time the agenda sheet is marked. Those students having at least one letter left at the end of the nine weeks will be eligible to attend the nine weeks field trip that is normally sponsored by our PTO.