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Copyright (3)
Stanford summarizes the policy thusly:
"Performance or Display of Copyrighted Materials During Face-to-Face Teaching. The Copyright Act provides an exemption to perform or display copyrighted materials during face-to-face teaching activities. Such use does not require the author’s permission. For example, it is permissible to show a full-length motion picture in class as part of the classroom learning. Note, however, that this exemption does not permit copying or distributing a work -- only displaying or performing it during class time."
As regards copyright in general, which doesn't address bandwidth, it's
important to know that the Fair Use Guidelines for Schools were an
"agreed upon" standard BASED on the law, and have not been tested in court.
Various groups have been redefining what those guidelines look like
based on the digital generation. The Center For Social Media is
attempting to define Best Practices for students and teachers using
digital media.
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