Monthly Newsletter

March Newsletter

 March is here and your children are learning many new things every day.  This month we will be concentrating on the color PURPLE, the number 8 EIGHT and the shape OVAL.  We will learn about the state we live in:  TEXAS.  Students will learn how to spell T e x a s, where our state capital is and other interesting facts about the great state of TEXAS.  We only have six letters left to learn and then we will have covered all 26 letters of the alphabet!  We are working on early reading skills with those students who know all of their letters and the sounds associated with each letter.  We are working in small groups with those students who are working on letter, shape and number recognition. 

We have now introduced the letters Aa - Tt, numbers 1 - 7;  colors - Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Green, White & Pink; shapes - Circle, Square, Triangle, Rectangle, Star, Diamond & Heart. Please continue practicing with flash cards at home with your child.  Several students have shown a lot of improvement in letter recognition this past 9 weeks that have been practicing at home.  If you need more flashcards please don’t hesitate to ask and we will make you another set. 

We will be going on our FIELD TRIP to the YMBL State Fair Petting Zoo and Dairy Classroom on Tuesday, March 27th.  We will go to Pinewood Park after our Field Trip to eat lunch. ALL Students will need to be at school by 8:00 am on that day.  ALL Students will need to be bring a sack lunch or you may order a sack lunch from the school cafeteria.  We will return to SLE at 1:30 pm.  Permission slips will be sent home soon.  If you would like to chaperone this field trip please mark that on your child's permission slip.  Pre K T Shirt Order Forms are attached.  Students will wear their Pre K t shirt on our Field Trip and on Fun in the Sun Day.  Cost is $10.  If this is a problem please let me know.  Order Forms for T-shirts are due next Friday.  Adults may order t-shirts if they want to. 

We have many important days for you to mark down for this month:

                            5th – 9th                        Book Fair

                           9th                             Early Release  – End  of the 3rd 9 Weeks

                           12th  – 16th                    SPRING BREAK -- No School

                            23rd                              3rd 9 Weeks Report Cards Go Home

                            27th                              Pre K Field Trip to YMBL Fair Grounds

                                                      Petting Zoo and Dairy Classroom,  Pinewood Park
                       29th                        Easter Party

                            30th                              Good Friday – NO SCHOOL TODAY

         March Birthdays:

                             6th                                Eli

                            13th                               Emma

                            14th                               Mrs. Trahan

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to call, email, text or talk to one of us at school.  

                        Mrs. Trahan,  Mrs. Green & Mrs. Jana