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Fourth Grade Language

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Information you need to know:

Spelling lists are passed out on Mondays and tests are either Thursdays or Fridays (You will have advanced notice.) Students receive a spelling word search and a cursive handwriting practice sheet which they complete and turn in prior to test for extra bonus points. I have a link to the website Spelling City where students can practice their spelling words.

When we have unit tests for language topics, students will be given a study guide at least two days in advance. The students can earn 5 bonus points by having a parent/guardian sign their study guide and return it on the day of the test. Students are allowed to use the study guide while taking the test.

We do DOL( Daily Oral Language) as a warm up when students come to class. Students are responsible to complete and correct with the class. Every few weeks we will have a DOL Test that will include different questions from previously checked DOL’s.

Every Tuesday, students will bring home a red folder with papers for you to look over and any notes that you need to be aware of. If your student has any grade on an assignment that is below a 70, you will need to  sign and return it in their folder.

Progress reports will be sent home weekly if your student's average is at a 75 or lower. This is just to keep you informed.

Writing is a big part of fourth grade language because the the students take the Writing STAAR test. We start out small and build throughout the year. The most important thing is to have a positive attitude and be creative.

I love seeing my kids grow and bloom throughout the school year. I’m looking forward to a fun and educational year with your child.

Mrs. Whitaker